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Overnight Pull Ups

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Prevail Pull-Up Underwear - Maximum

Prevail Pull-Up Underwear, Maximum Absorbency are pull up diapers made to protect against heavy and overnight incontinence. These underwear come in 4 different sizes ranging from Small/Medium to 2X-Large. If you’re looking for a daytime...

$14.99 - $48.99
More Choices Available

Attends Premier Pull-Up Underwear

The Attends Premier range of products was designed to help you or those you care for manage heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Because Attends uses some of the softest and most absorbent materials available, Attends Premier will help...

$22.49 - $89.99

Overnight pull-up underwear is an ideal solution for active adults who don’t want to wear adult diapers with tabs. Instead of ripping off tabs, and potentially damaging a diaper, pull-up underwear goes on and off just like regular underwear. While the name suggests these pull-ups are designed for bedtime, active adults can wear this absorbent underwear day or night. A few other advantages:

  • Comfort: Adults maintain their independence and dignity with the fit of conventional underwear.

  • Convenience: These pull-ups feature a side seam so caregivers can remove them like a diaper instead of pulling them down.

  • Gender-specific designs: Anatomy specific designs provide added padding in the front of the disposable underwear for men and down below for women.

While overnight pull-ups are not as absorbent as diapers with tabs, it is an ideal solution for active adults who have moderate incontinence.

Around-the-Clock Incontinence Protection

Overnight pull-up underwear can be worn day or night and includes special Dry-Fit® technology featuring high absorbency polymers to ensure dryness. The higher-quality absorbent polymer in the product, the greater protection it offers. Pull-up underwear is not recommended for bowel incontinence or for use with incontinence pads.

Making Disposable Underwear More Absorbent

Pairing overnight pull-up underwear with a booster pad offers the flexibility of disposable underwear with the protection and absorbency of an adult diaper with tabs. The booster pad absorbs urine. When it fills to capacity, the overflow passes through into the absorbent layers of the adult pull-up underwear. Cautionary Note: Do not use an incontinence pad with overnight pull-up underwear since overflow may trickle through the leg holes of the underwear.

More Comfortable than Adult Diapers

Overnight pull-ups can accommodate anyone between 80 and 250 pounds. While larger sizes are not yet available on the adult underwear market, many people who weigh more than 250 pounds discover that the size XXL underwear still fits. In fact, you want a snug fit.

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